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Building Systems

Magnesium Oxide Board Corporation Pty Ltd offers extensively developed MgO boards that are widely used in construction. These are made from a mixture of Magnesium Oxide (MgO), fibre mesh composites, non-organic minerals but there are no toxic elements and does not contain formaldehyde or asbestos. The MgO boards are essential parts of building solutions. Whether you are building a commercial construction or a residence, these are quite integral to the construction business.  These boards are also useful for those who want to repair or renovate their buildings. MgO Board Corporation provides Magnesium oxide products for eco building solutions.

Innova kit is one of the building solutions offered by magnesium oxide suppliers. Innova was established by a team of SIP experts. It was one of the foremost companies to introduce SIP construction materials to South America. The construction panels offered by Innova have better fire ratings when compared to the standard SIP panels. Besides its advantages practical applications, these MgO boards are also helpful in cutting costs.  It also reduces the operating and maintenance costs of your buildings.  The building kit offered from Innova is easy to install. The kit provides the exterior walls and roof of a structure. Every kit is provided with an easy to understand training manual showing you exactly how to install your kit.

Magnesium Oxide Board Corporation Pty Ltd and RediSystem also provide the most sound and simplified fully holistic building systems available today for the mining and construction industry. Comprehending the need continued changes to the Building Code of Australia such services are being offered. The RediSystem has passed several layers of testing, has been fully engineered, BCA and extensively tested at the University of Southern Queensland and is duly approved for construction. This system offers you a full turn -key multipurpose work force modular accommodation that is usable for high grade community housing projects through a bank of innovative interchangeable housing modules. This will allow the creation of several bedroom and living configurations. Such a combination will reduce your overall budget.

Thus, MgO Board Corporation offers several kinds of building solutions – commercial constructions, residences, permanent building and even temporary accommodations.

For further information you can check out the PDF files.

Download RediSystem FDF
The MgO Corp & Innova Building Kit
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