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It is hard to keep abreast of the changes being made to building codes across the world and we all want to maximise the performances MgO Corps ResComĀ® products as well as do our best to reduce costs at the same time. MgO Corp hopes that our organisation can assist you in achieving the best possible outcome for your projects by introducing to you the independent services of some of Australia, New Zealand and Americas leading structural, fire and acoustic engineering consultants.
JWC: Jamie Well(QBCC23010)

Fire Resistant Technologies:Adam Winter (Engineer)

Passive Fire:Ron Atkinson (BSA 67593)

IGNIS Solutions: Benjamin Hughes-Brown
+61402 433 236

Firescope Consulting:Paul Raddatz

Suncoast Building Approvals: Zane Russel

Chester Consultants: Gary Chester

Cheal Consultants: Thomas Brand

The above contacts details are listed as an informative service to MgO Corps customers. MgO Corps advises all potential customers to carry out their own due-diligence and investigation into the suitability of the above organisations or individuals to be able to carry out or offer professional advice prior to entering into any formal agreement for service. MgO Corp does not receive remuneration by way of fees or commissions from the companies listed for this introduction. It is a requirement of the above listed organisations to of worked or advised on projects where MgO Corps ResComĀ® products have been utilised.
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